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Assorted Bindi Pack for Gifts.


In stock


This lovely collection of 4 Pack Assorted Premium Bindis and would be fantasitic as an indian wedding favour / Gift. The Bindis packs provided in this order will be randomly chosen from our Premium Bindi packs. Assuring you with High Quality and Brand for Long lasting Bindi and Adorable Looks. This 4 pack Bindi saves you over $15.

  • A lovely gift pack of 4 bindi Packs Assorted in a variety of colours and shapes.
  • This Order comes in Random 4 Pack premium quality Bindis. The Bindis sent to you may not be exactly the Same as shown. We provide you with 4 Pack Premium Bindis.
  • Self adhesive can be refreshed with Bindi or eyelash glue. SHIPS from NY.
  • Simply peel and place from backing sheet. Replace on sheet to reuse. Can be used MULTIPLE times for its high QUALITY.
  • Do not use on Broken, sore or sensitive skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Item Condition: New. Brand New in its Packing.

Good News ! ! Now USA Standard Shipping comes with USPS tracking & 4 - 5 Business Days Delivery. Less Wait time to USA.Now Shipping Bindis to Over 65 Countries.