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Bindi Forehead Ornaments Stick On Jewel.


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Party Wear Forehead Bindis are arguably the most visually fascinating of all forms of body decoration. Our Bindis are READY TO WEAR. If in the future you feel the need for more adhesive, apply spirit gum or clear eyelash adhesive to the back of the bindi and put in place, use it this way and our Bindis will last a long time. This beautiful set has 10 Long Fancy design Bindis to match your various outfits and moods. Bindis are approx 3 cm in Length. Use Bindis as you like, adorn it on your forehead, or your belly button, on your arm or even as a nose pin, the possibilities are endless. You can combine it with any other bindi from my collection to make your own creation.

  • Long Pretty Forehead Bindis with Crystals- 3 cm approx Premium Bindis.
  • Quality Fancy Bindis Decorations from Bindis R us.
  • Long Bindi Tattoo Sticker, Self adhesive body decoration jewelry.
  • Wedding, Party wear and Daily wear.
  • Reusable Bindis Simple to use by sticking with eyelash adhesive or any other body glue if required.
Item Condition: New. Brand New in Original Packaging

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