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Pink Vajazzle Cleavage Stunning Sexy with Crystals Stick on Jewel Pasties


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Premium Quality Cleavage / Breast / Nipple / Boob Pasties or Stick on Jewels. Buy the Best quality. Original products from our Store for the Best impression and best effects.

  • Pink Vajazzle Cleavage Stunning Sexy with Crystals Stick On Jewel pasties
  • Much more Prettier when you wear them.
  • Original & Genuine Quality Ballroom Cleavage Jewel Pasties from NationinFashion.
  • Over 200 designs / Colors / Varieties in Cleavage Nipple Jewels available.
  • Buy these while Quantity Last. You may need it sometime.
Item Condition: New. Brand New in Original Packaging.

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